DECLINE is a Worldwide community minded growing group of people revealing the fact that the World Governments, Law, Armed forces, Money system, Schools, Churches, Hospitals, Food Water and Power, Entertainment, Resources have been hijacked by foreign owned multi fingered CORPORATE organisations being the United Nations, World Health Organisation, International Monetary Fund and many others.

We share with you the tactics they use to entrap you and yours into contracts which force us to live to the “whims” of these organisations.

At the moment these CORPORATIONS “whim” is depopulation. Some reports state the target is 80% by 2025 Worldwide and they are using this COVID non-sense to do it by form of offering us CONTRACTS.

We show you how to DECLINE these offers of contract in a respectful, peaceful, honourable way using the same back doors they do.

At the same time, we show you how to hold these criminal corporations accountable for their actions according to the current crimes act and civil liabilities legislation by using their own laws being the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1977- (Cth) against them.

DECLINE wills to be part of a collection of Men, Women and their offspring who offer their God given gifts to this movement and that leaders and helpers alike may emerge that help recreate a Government and trade system that serves the people instead of Corporations and we can get back to living peacefully as Aussies know how to do.

Hence, we welcome help if our help has helped you. Please see the jobs page.                   .

DECLINE welcomes your help with a variety of things from printing to proof reading to research to legal assistance. Retired lawyers and barristers who share our goals would be most helpful also.

We also welcome members to start new DECLINE HUBS throughout AUSTRALIA and ABROAD.

We know there are many common law men woman out there who have loads of info to share. Please also understand that currently we are operating under the 1977 -(Cth) Commonwealth of Australia Constitution and it has the information and tools we need to hold these criminal corporations (the people who own/run them) accountable for their actions through criminal and civil law.

DECLINE’s only goal is to re-establish our rightful laws of the land ( GODS/COMMON LAW ) which we achieve by DECLINING the offers of contract being offered by these Corporate Entities through Maritime Law.

Lastly, No member can accept any form of donation payment food drink etc etc you must be absolutely prepared to be 100% voluntary. we understand if you choose not join and we wish you all the best. 

Welcome to DECLINE

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