For your children

This will include documents and processes to put on notice

  • School Principals
  • School teachers
  • Other school staff endorsing/coercing you to follow mandates
  • Day care centres
  • Sporting businesses
  • Anywhere you normally take your children as you go about life.

You will also need to print in colour the trespass notices for corporate government agents trying to access your home and have them laminated.

You will also require a RED ink stamp pad. Cheap shops have them for around $2

  1. Print out in colour and complete the Living Boy and/or the Living Girl documents as relevant.
  2. Print out in colour the Decline the offer – Parents to Business document
  3. Print out in colour the Final Notice document
  4. Print out in colour the To the claimed officer document
  5. Print out in colour the Trespass Notice
  6. You will require 2 other witnesses besides yourself
  7. Watch the video below for instructions on using the documents and how to complete them.