Member Login

Common Issues people are having with their accounts:

  • When they registered they used an incorrect email address.  Many are adding “.au” at the end of emails that never have a .au.  For example: should be
  • As soon as you register you will be logged in and can access content.  If you were one of the early registrations and didn’t receive the activation email it is because you typed the wrong email.  We had many bounced emails for registrations with the wrong email.  Make sure you use the correct email address when you register.
  • If you have trouble logging in with your username try your email address.  If you still have trouble try resetting your password.  If that doesn’t work you may need to just re-register.
  • Early member registrations had issues with verification emails not coming because we had too many new registrations per day.  We have manually approved all of the registrations, so try logging in now if you have not received a verification email and couldn’t login at first.